Best Card Readers (SumUp, myPOS and Zettle)

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A Card Reader is a device that allows us to charge our customers using contactless technology, the chip or the magnetic stripe of the bank card. SumUp, myPOS and Zettle are some of the best Card Reader brands on the market today.

TPV Sumup


  • Cheap and easy to use POS.
  • Sign up for only 39£.
  • 1.69% commission for transaction.
  • Online contracting and without permanence.


  • Pay only for each transaction.
  • Receive it for only 29£.
  • Commission of 1.10% + 0.07£.
  • Good customer service
TPV Zettle


  • Low-cost POS (one-time payment of £29).
  • 1.75% per transaction.
  • No maintenance fees.
  • Linked to cell phone.

But how do you know which is the best Card Reader for your business? In this article, we will give you the keys to choose the best POS system adapted to your needs.

How to choose the best Card Reader or POS?

When choosing a Card Reader, we must take into account a series of technical criteria. It is also important to analyze what type of business we have to define what type of POS we need.

If, for example, we were owners of a hospitality establishment, such as a bar or a restaurant, it would be more practical to have a Card Reader that is light, wireless, easy to use, and that does not break easily, since it will pass from hand to hand.

Some technical criteria to consider when looking for a good Card Reader are the security they offer, the convenience, the speed of the payment process, and the durability of the terminal. We can also take into account the extra benefits provided by each brand.

  • Security. The security offered by the Card Reader not only guarantees the privacy of your customers, but also protects your business. For this reason, all Card Readers must comply with consumer protection regulations, and therefore their security measures. It is important that we make sure that our customers’ data comply with the proper encryption protocol.
  • Agility in the payment process. A Card Reader that fails when the volume of payments is high will reduce the flow of sales. The same will happen if its operation is cumbersome.
  • Design. When we talk about the design of a Card Reader, we are not talking about whether it is pretty or ugly (which is also true). At this point we must take into account the weight, size and shape of the terminal, since we are going to have it on us for many hours.
  • Resistance. Since our Card Reader will pass very quickly from one hand to another, it will be important that it is well protected: at least, it is essential that it is made of resistant materials.
  • Extras. At this point we must consider all those accessories or products included with the purchase of the Card Reader, whether they are elements to complete your POS system or programs that allow you to easily manage your business.

We cannot overlook the price. Especially if you are thinking of contracting, or have already contracted, a bank POS system. Card Reader prices offered by banks are usually higher than those marketed by independent brands such as SumUp, myPOS or Zettle.

Do not settle for a high and suffocating rate because, as you will see, there are flexible and economical alternatives for your business.

Top best Card Reader POS terminals

These are the three best Card Readers: we have analyzed them and we bring you our opinions and technical reviews of each of them so you can choose the one that best suits your business needs. Here we go!

TOP 1: SumUp

SumUp is a brand specialized in providing POS services. It has been in the sector for many years, and has marketed different models in its catalog until finally reducing its offer to the two terminals it currently offers.

Their main commercial claim is that they do not charge fixed monthly fees. At SumUp you pay only fixed commissions per transaction.

This is why it has become a very popular brand among new entrepreneurs, or seasonal businesses, because if your monthly turnover is 0£, you will not have to pay anything to the company. If you don’t charge your card, you don’t pay SumUp.

TPV Sumup


  • Cheap and easy to use POS.
  • Sign up for only 39£.
  • 1.69% commission for transaction.
  • Online contracting and without permanence.

SumUp Air

SumUp’s main product is its Card Reader SumUp Air. It is the most economical terminal on the market, and its features are superior to other much more expensive models.

It is a mobile POS, which means that it must be connected to a smart device, Smartphone or Tablet, to make payments. It does this via Bluetooth connection.

Once connected to the phone or tablet, the terminal connects to the SumUp application that you must have previously installed. This app is compatible with Android and iOS.

To charge your customers with this terminal, you only need to select the products you are going to sell by choosing them from the application’s catalog. It is necessary to previously configure the catalog, entering name, photo and description of the products or services you offer.

Once the products have been selected, the SumUp app will calculate the total automatically. If you prefer, you can enter the purchase price manually from the app’s keyboard.

Finally, choose “Card Reader”, and your SumUp Air Card Reader will be ready to receive the payment. In case you are going to charge with another payment method (cash, Bizum, etc.), the SumUp app will register the information entered in its accounting system.

With SumUp Air, you can send copies of the payment receipt to your customers via SMS or e-mail.

SumUp 3G

If you prefer a terminal that does not need to connect to a mobile application, SumUp offers its customers another model. It is the Card Reader SumUp 3G.

This Card Reader has an integrated SIM card with mobile data connection. With it you can charge wherever you go, as long as there is 3G coverage.

It is very light and comfortable to use. Its battery lasts approximately 500 transactions, so you will have plenty of autonomy throughout the day.

In case you need to give copies of the payment receipt to your customers, you can buy the SumUp printer base, compatible with the Card Reader SumUp 3G. It is simply a base with printer in which you can integrate the Card Reader.

However, it will not remain fixed to the printer base. You can detach it whenever you want, to enjoy the lightness and convenience of the Card Reader.

With SumUp 3G, you can also send digital copies of payment receipts to your customers.

SumUp pricing and commissions

Like all the alternatives analyzed in this ranking, SumUp charges on a per-transaction fee basis. That is to say, a commission will be applied to each transaction you make with your POS.

This commission is 1.69% of the total amount of the transaction. Although it is somewhat higher than that of other brands that we will analyze in this ranking, it has no fixed part, which will benefit all those entrepreneurs who have businesses with a low average transaction volume. For example, those in which purchases per customer do not usually exceed 10£.

However, to avoid rental fees or maintenance commissions, SumUp does not rent Card Readers. In other words, you will have to buy one of their terminals.

The prices of SumUp terminals are as follows:


Price (excluding VAT)

SumUp Air


SumUp 3G


SumUp 3G + Printer


Is it worth it? SumUp Reviews

SumUp is one of the best Card Reader brands today, and this is backed up by customer reviews and comments, which can be found on forums and websites.

In addition to having high-tech terminals and not charging fixed monthly fees, SumUp offers additional services that make its customers prefer it over the competition.

One of the most valued aspects of SumUp is its mobile application, which can only be used in conjunction with SumUp Air, its best-selling Card Reader.

With this application you will be able to record the transactions made in your store, whether the payment was made by card or an alternative payment method (cash, virtual POS, payment link, etc.). You will also be able to configure your own catalog, and create and manage employee profiles.

One negative aspect to keep in mind is that accepted payment transactions will take 2 to 3 business days to appear in your bank account.

To speed up this process, it is possible to request a SumUp prepaid card, with which you can immediately access the accepted balance. With this card you can withdraw cash, pay, or transfer the money to your bank account.

SumUp Pros

  • SumUp application: management and accounting, employee profiles, customizable catalog.
  • SumUp prepaid card: receive on the same day the money of the transactions made with your POS.
  • Flexible payment, no fixed monthly fees or contractual obligations.
  • Pay only if you get paid.
  • Commission with no fixed part, better conditions than the competition.
  • SumUp application: management and accounting, employee profiles, customizable catalog.
  • SumUp prepaid card: receive on the same day the money for the transactions made with your POS.
  • Flexible payment, no fixed monthly fees or contractual obligations.
  • Pay only if you get paid.
  • Commission with no fixed part, better conditions than the competition.
  • SumUp Air: app access, comfortable and light device, easy to use.
  • SumUp 3G: compatible with SumUp printer, 3G connection, easy to use, light and convenient.
  • Very affordable Card Reader price.

SumUp Cons

  • SumUp Air: can only be used by connecting it to a smart device, not standalone.
  • SumUp 3G: cannot be connected to the app, so you will not enjoy its advantages.
  • No terminal prints payment copies by itself. You need to buy the printer accessory.

TOP 2: myPOS

myPOS is a brand that offers POS services that has managed to differentiate itself from the competition by offering a wide catalog, with a great variety of Card Reader, and making use of the latest technologies to create updated and modern models.

All their terminals (without exception) include a SIM with access to the free mobile data network. That is why I recommend myPOS Card Readers to those freelancers or entrepreneurs who offer home services of any kind.

The choice between one model or another will depend on the particular characteristics of your trade or business. Either way, with myPOS you will only pay if you invoice, so it will be perfect for both established projects and start-ups.



  • Pay only for each transaction.
  • Receive it for only 29£.
  • Commission of 1.10% + 0.07£.
  • Good customer service

myPOS Go

The first Card Reader model is the myPOS Go. It is the most economical of the brand’s catalog. Its great functionality and resistance, as well as its light and comfortable to carry design have made it the favorite model of many of the company’s customers.

It is a lightweight terminal, with a rugged design but comfortable to carry. It works with a SIM card with access to the mobile data network, like all myPOS terminals.

Its lightness, pocket size and wireless connection make it an ideal model for all those professionals who need to charge their customers at home, and do not want to carry a heavy or bulky terminal.

With myPOS Go you can send a copy of the receipt to your customers via SMS or e-mail.

myPOS Slim

The next myPOS model is a mobile POS system called myPOS Slim. At first glance it looks like an ordinary smartphone, it uses an Android 8.1 operating system, and a 5.5-inch touch screen. But unlike an ordinary phone, this terminal has a card reader and a barcode reader.

These features are the reason why myPOS Slim is one of the Card Reader most commonly used by carriers and delivery drivers. It is also often used in department stores where orders previously placed online are delivered and paid for.

It is a very light model, weighing only 240 grams, and has a long battery life. myPOS has updated this terminal with respect to previous versions, making its processor even faster, and using materials that increase its resistance.

myPOS Slim, like the previous model, allows you to send a copy of the payment receipt via SMS or email to your customers.

myPOS Carbon

myPOS Carbon, unlike the previous models, includes a small printer that will allow you to offer your customers a printed copy of their payment receipt.

This Card Reader is considered the most modern on the market today. Like myPOS Slim, it is a smart device, in this case with Android 9.0 operating system. It has a 5.0″ shockproof touch screen and a rugged design.

It can be connected via the SIM included free of charge, through the WiFi network or using the Bluetooth connection.

This Card Reader is widely used in the hospitality sector, thanks to its resistance, the speed of its processor and, despite being somewhat heavier than previous models, the lightness of its design.

myPOS Combo

myPOS Combo, like the previous model, can be connected through its included SIM to the mobile data network, but also has a WiFi and Bluetooth connection. This terminal is the most classic of the brand, with an ultra-resistant keyboard and long battery life.

With this Card Reader you will be able to print a copy of your customers’ payment receipts. MyPOS has recently updated this model, adding two different colors to its catalog: blue or black.

It accepts card payments through all existing technologies: NFC, chip and pin, contactless, magnetic stripe, and even with Google Pay or Apple Pay through smart devices.

Given its characteristics, it is common to find this terminal in classic businesses, such as clothing stores, restaurants, and other establishments. It is the ideal model if you have a varied clientele, and long opening hours, as it is one of the Card Readers with the longest battery life on the market.

myPOS fees and commissions

myPOS, like the other alternatives on this list, charges its customers through transaction fees. That is to say, with this company you will not pay fixed monthly fees.

In addition, there is no permanence period, so you will be able to cancel your subscription whenever you want, without any type of penalty.

However, thanks to the way it charges, you will not need to cancel your service on vacations or during periods of inactivity, since if you don’t get paid, you don’t pay.

The commission that myPOS charges per transaction is 1.10% + 0.07£. Although its minimum commission is slightly lower than SumUp’s, it has a fixed part.

This is the reason why I recommend this type of Card Reader for those who invoice large volume transactions, in which this small fixed part does not affect. For example, in those businesses whose average payment per customer is higher than 50£.

Like SumUp, myPOS has its terminals for sale.

Card Reader

Price (no VAT)

myPOS Go


myPOS Slim


myPOS Carbon


myPOS Combo


Is it worth it? myPOS Reviews

Of course, myPOS is one of the main alternatives to consider when choosing a Card Reader for your business. Especially if you usually charge outside your premises and need to carry your Card Reader with you.

Card Readers from myPOS are especially used by carriers or delivery people, as well as professionals offering home delivery services, as reported by their customers from their comments on various websites and forums.

However, it is not uncommon to find their two terminals with printers, i.e. myPOS Combo and myPOS Carbon, in restaurants and bars. This is because they are very rugged and totally wireless, as well as having long battery life.

Another great advantage, and one of the most valued features by its customers, is that myPOS offers with the purchase of any of its Card Reader a commercial account, without commissions, and a VISA commercial card from which you can immediately access the funds accepted by your POS.

You will also get access to the myPOS application, which will allow you to manage your business accounting, generate payment links that you can send to your customers by SMS or email, and turn any smart device into a Card Reader.

The best of myPOS

  • myPOS Go: lightweight, convenient, pocket-sized.
  • myPOS Slim: barcode reader, Android 8.1, ultra-light (240 grams).
  • myPOS Carbon: 3 connection types, Android 9.0, shockproof design, prints copy of payment receipt.
  • myPOS Combo: classic design, ultra-resistant keyboard, prints copy of payment receipt, long battery life.
  • myPOS App: management and accounting, turns any Smartphone into a Card Reader, payment links.
  • myPOS TPV: free installation with the purchase of myPOS Combo.
  • Free commercial account and VISA commercial card.

The worst of myPOS

  • Application: no employee management or catalog at the moment, they are under development.
  • Card Reader price slightly higher than SumUp.
  • Commission with fixed part, disadvantage for those who charge generally low operations.

TOP3: Zettle (iZettle)

Like myPOS and SumUp, Zettle offers its customers a high quality service with flexible payments, which adapts to the growth of your business.

This company, however, differentiates itself from the competition by offering variable commissions. This means that the higher your turnover, the less you pay per transaction.

This is why I recommend Zettle especially to those businesses that are already established, and have a high average turnover.

TPV Zettle


  • Low-cost POS (one-time payment of £29).
  • 1.75% per transaction.
  • No maintenance fees.
  • Linked to cell phone.

In addition, its terminal is quite special, and is focused on offering POS services to stores or businesses that offer over-the-counter payments. This is because, along with the Zettle Card Reader, a variety of accessories can be purchased to configure a complete POS system.

Zettle Card Reader 2 – Zettle Card Reader and Products

Zettle currently offers only one Card Reader, the Zettle Reader 2. It is a similar model to the SumUp Air in that, like the SumUp Air, it needs to connect to a smart device to work.

When connected to a smartphone or tablet, it accesses the Zettle app, which you must have previously installed on your device. From there you will be able to select the products that your customer is buying from the catalog (configured by you).

This catalog has a search engine that will allow you to find products by name or filter them according to their characteristics. This way, no matter how extensive your product catalog is, you will be able to quickly find what you are looking for.

In addition, the available stock can be displayed in this catalog, so that you can keep track of your stock at all times.

The Zettle Reader 2 is an update of the first model offered by the brand. Compared to the previous model, this Card Reader has a non-slip plastic cover on the bottom, which makes it more secure.

The materials with which it is made are more resistant than those of the previous model. It is also available in two different colors, black and white.

It is a lightweight device, easy to use and carry, which is why many street vendors choose this terminal as their favorite Card Reader. With it you can send digital copies of the purchase receipt to your customers via SMS.

Zettle commissions and prices

Zettle charges its customers based on their turnover. In other words, the higher your turnover, the lower the commission you charge per transaction.

The transaction fee is 1.75% per transaction.

In addition to paying the transaction fee, before you start using Zettle as your POS, you will need to purchase its Card Reader.

This is priced at 79£ (VAT not included), although it is currently on offer and you can get it for only 29£ (VAT not included).

Is it worth it? Zettle Reviews

The truth is that Zettle is one of the best alternatives for anyone who has a store or a business where operations are always performed at a counter.

This is because, despite being a wireless terminal, one of the most valued aspects of Zettle by its customers is that it offers another series of complementary accessories for the Card Reader that will allow you to configure your complete POS system.

The first of these is the Zettle Reader 2 charging base, which allows you to use it while charging or leave it fixed on the counter.

Zettle also offers a cash register with cash drawer, a barcode scanner and a receipt and ticket printer to complement the POS system.

Finally, if you prefer to use your tablet rather than your cell phone to cash out, Zettle offers its customers a tablet stand to make it easier for you to use.

However, this does not mean that Zettle is a useful terminal exclusively for stores and similar businesses. According to customer reviews shared on forums and websites, it is a Card Reader widely used by street vendors, thanks to the fact that it is wireless, allows stock counting and is lightweight.

The best of Zettle

  • Zettle Reader 2: more resistant than its previous model, with anti-slip materials for better fixation.
  • Compatible accessories: charging cradle, tablet holder, cash register with cash drawer, barcode reader, ticket printer.
  • Zettle application: catalog, stock, employee profiles, accounting, statistics.
  • Variable commission that rewards the use of the Card Reader. The higher the turnover, the lower the commission.

The worst about Zettle

  • Only has one Card Reader, there are no other models.
  • The standard commission is higher than that of its competitors.
  • It does not offer wireless Card Reader with 3G connection, only through a smart device.

What is the best Card Reader for your business?

The best Card Reader for your business is the one that best suits your needs, the particularities of your business. That is to say, objectively none of these alternatives is superior to the other, everything will depend on you.

  • SumUp: businesses where the average operating value is low. Seasonal businesses, or businesses that need to control employees. Bars, restaurants, hairdressers or barbershops. Stores with inexpensive products.
  • myPOS: businesses where the average transaction value is high or medium. Delivery drivers or carriers. Professionals offering home delivery services. Restaurant, bars and catering.
  • Zettle: businesses with a high card billing value. Stores and businesses that charge their customers at the counter. Street vendors.

Remember that only you can decide which is the best alternative for your business, since only you know its particularities and needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can SumUp offer invoices?

Yes, with SumUp you can offer invoices to your customers. You can configure them from the SumUp application and print them on a Bluetooth printer or send them to your customer via email.

How does myPOS work?

The operation of myPOS will depend on each of the terminals, although all of them share a 3G or 4G connection, depending on the model.

The myPOS terminals are compatible with all the most common payment methods (VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, JCB, UnionPay, Bancontact, iDeal, Apple Pay, Google Pay), and also allow payment with contactless, chip reader or magnetic stripe.

Is Zettle or SumUp better for a store?

It depends on how you bill your business. If your average transaction price is low, and your card turnover is not high, I recommend SumUp. On the other hand, if your business invoices mainly through card payments and your monthly turnover is high, you will be better off choosing Zettle.