Reviews myPOS: the Card Reader with instant crediting

mypos POS

Card Reader without permanence or monthly fee that only applies a small commission for each transaction.

👍 Receive payments instantly in your free myPOS account. No monthly fees. No permanence. Choose between 4 models and prices.

👎 SEPA bank transfers from your myPOS account or card withdrawals are free of charge.

What is myPOS POS?

Choosing a card machine for our business is not an easy task. There is a great variety of products, prices and brands, and it is normal to feel overwhelmed when making the most important decision for our business in terms of payments.



  • Pay only for each transaction.
  • Receive it for only 29£.
  • Commission of 1.10% + 0.07£.
  • Good customer service

Clearly, not having a card machine is not an option these days, as more and more consumers prefer to pay for their purchases with a bank card, leaving cash aside.

In order to avoid being drowned out by fees, or worrying about being unable to afford the cost of your card machine, and to get the best performance at the best price, we need to inform ourselves and find out about all the alternatives.

It is likely that you have already heard of myPOS, one of the most widely used and best priced POS terminals on the market. In this article, I will tell you all about their card readers to help you decide if it is the best option for you.

How does myPOS work?

myPOS differentiates itself from its competitors by offering its customers a POS system with flexible payments that will allow you to enjoy its advantages without fixed monthly fees or contractual obligations.

To ensure flexibility for its customers, instead of applying a fixed flat fee to its services, myPOS charges commissions on a transaction basis.

Thanks to this way of charging your customers, with myPOS you won’t have any problems if your business is seasonally dependent, you are just starting out or you have an irregular turnover.

In fact, if you don’t invoice anything for a month, myPOS will not charge you a single cent.

How do myPOS’s card machines work?

Their card machines are very easy to set up and use. You have to buy them, which will save you from paying maintenance fees or rental costs.

But don’t worry, their prices are very affordable, all their models are very resistant and the machines have a 30-day money-back guarantee and a one-year extendable warranty.

As for the intrinsic operation of their card machines, it will depend on the model as each of them has different features. In any case, all of them can connect to the mobile data network, as they include a free SIM.

They all accept the most common payment methods, Visa, Visa Electron, VPay, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, UnionPay, JCB, Bancontact, as well as other payment alternatives such as Google Pay, Apple Pay or Samsung Pay.

These payments can be made using the magnetic stripe or through the chip reader, but the machine also allows contactless payments.

4 myPOS Card Machines

myPOS currently has four different card machine models. All of them include a SIM card with access to the free mobile data network, making them wireless terminals, which you can take with you wherever you go.

In addition to its card machines, myPOS offers its customers the possibility of buying silicone covers, paper rolls for printers and a series of other compatible products that can help you get the most out of your POS system

1- myPOS GO (29£), the cheapest one

myPOS GO is their first model. This card machine has a light and convenient pocket-sized design.

Like all myPOS terminals, it includes a SIM card with access to the mobile data network, which makes this card reader a 100% wireless model.



  • Pay only for each transaction.
  • Receive it for only 29£.
  • Commission of 1.10% + 0.07£.
  • Good customer service

This model does not print receipts, so if you choose this terminal you will have to send them digitally, via email or SMS. This will allow you to save paper and printer ink costs.

Thanks to its light-weight design and convenient use, this terminal is ideal for mobile businesses, or those professionals who offer home or transport services, as it will allow them to charge wherever they go.

2- myPOS Carbon (189£), with printer

The next myPOS card reader is the Carbon model. This machine is one of the most modern and updated card machines currently available on the market.

It has a 5.0” touch screen, and a shockproof, dustproof and waterproof design. The performance of this terminal is very high, it has the Android 9.0 operating system implemented, and IP54 and ATEX certifications.

In addition, this mobile card reader works with a high-speed quad-core processor of 1.4GHZ, which guarantees its speed and performance.

With this terminal, we will be able to print a copy of the receipt for our customers, as it includes a high-speed thermal printer, whose accessories, such as paper rolls, are for sale in the myPOS online shop.

The myPOS Carbon card reader connects via a free SIM included with the model, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

3- myPOS Slim (189£), with bar code scanner

Like myPOS Carbon, myPOS Slim is a mobile terminal, with an Android 8.1 operating system. It is standalone, i.e. it does not need to be connected to any device to work.

The card machine includes a barcode reader, making it ideal for those businesses that need to charge products with this type of identification, thus speeding up the sales process.

It is an ultra-light terminal, weighing only 240 grams, making it easy to use and easy to carry. Like myPOS Go, it allows you to send receipts digitally, saving on printer consumables.

4- myPOS Combo (199£), with printer and physical keyboard

The last myPOS card machine is myPOS Combo, with a classically designed terminal and features that are ideal for traditional business.

This card machine has an ultra-rugged keypad and a long battery life. It is a very durable terminal with a robust structure and, like the other myPOS card readers, it is completely wireless.

It can be connected with the free SIM card that comes with it, via a Wi-Fi network or via Bluetooth connection.

myPOS Combo is available in two colours. Additionally, the device includes a built-in printer to provide a physical copy of the sales receipt to your customers.

Prices and commissions

myPOS, unlike some of its competitors, offers its customers the possibility to pay for its POS system services flexibly, with no fixed monthly fees or contractual obligations.

This means that you can terminate your contract with myPOS at any time, although if you do not use the service, there will be no charge for it.

The way in which myPOS charges its customers is through transaction fees. The commissions that myPOS charges are 1.10% + £0.07, a very competitive price considering the commissions applied by its competitors.

In addition to paying for myPOS services based on your monthly turnover, you will have to make a one-time purchase of one (or more) of their card machines.

The prices of their devices are as follows

Card reader Price (excluding VAT)
myPOS Go29£
myPOS Slim189£
myPOS Carbon 189£
myPOS Combo199£

These prices are considerably lower than those of their competitors, as other companies rent out their terminals. The rental fees for card machines can vary between 10 and 30£, depending on the company and the quality of the card reader.

myPOS Highlights

In addition to offering an incredible and (very) competitive price, as well as having a variety of high-quality devices, myPOS offers its customers a series of other benefits that you should take into account when assessing its services.

Bank Account

Together with the purchase of any of the myPOS card machines, you will receive a myPOS merchant account. This bank account has no fees associated with it, and will allow you to have immediate access to the funds accepted by your POS.

This account will allow you to make commission-free bank transfers and is compatible with up to 14 different currencies.

In addition to the bank account, you will receive a VISA business card with which you can make payments and send money to other myPOS accounts.

Online Payments: A Virtual POS System

By contracting a myPOS POS system, you will have access to your virtual POS system. A virtual POS system is a computer program that you can install in your online shop or on your website to charge your customers for online purchases.

Access to this POS system is free for all myPOS customers, and those who have purchased the myPOS Combo card machine will receive the installation of the virtual POS completely free of charge.

The myPOS online payment service is paid for, like all other POS services, in the form of transaction fees. In the case of online payments, the myPOS commission is 1.30% + £0.15 for Visa and MasterCard and 2,90% + £.0,20 £ for American Express, JCB, and Non-EEA Consumer and Commercial cards.

Through this service, you can also offer your customers the opportunity to pay for their purchase by accessing a payment link that you can send them via SMS or email.

myPOS mobile app

Another of the extras that you will receive when you contract a myPOS card machine is access to its application, compatible with Android and iOS.

This application will allow you to control all the movements made with your myPOS card machines in real-time, as well as complete purchase processes, generate payment links for your customers and even accept payments—all from your smartphone.

This application can also be used as mobile banking for your myPOS bank account, allowing you to make transfers or control your expenses.

In addition, the myPOS app includes analysis and statistics about your business and your sales, to help you get an in-depth understanding of the economic situation of your business and stay ahead of the competition.

Is myPOS Worth it? Our Opinion

To answer this question, we have to look at our available options and ask ourselves what other brands offer. If you have already researched other brands or POS systems that offer this type of service, you know that myPOS is one of the most competitive alternatives.

Their service is of high quality, that’s for sure. All their devices have an exceptional finish, impeccable performance and a high technological level. Moreover, myPOS has a card machine for every type of business.



  • Pay only for each transaction.
  • Receive it for only 29£.
  • Commission of 1.10% + 0.07£.
  • Good customer service

Their service is of high quality, that is unquestionable. All their Card Readers are terminals with an exceptional finish and impeccable performance. In addition, myPOS has a very wide catalog. This will allow you to find a Card Reader that suits your business needs.

The fact that all its terminals are wireless is a relevant point to take into account, since not all POS terminals offer this facility.

In addition, its flexible pricing, with no fixed monthly fees or contractual obligations, means that this Card Reader can be used by any type of business, regardless of whether or not its billing is regular.

Although its Card Readers are somewhat more expensive than those offered by other payment service providers, such as SumUp or Zettle, they are still cheaper than renting a terminal from a bank. In addition, they come with a full 1-year extendable warranty.

myPOS Pros

  • Adaptable devices for all types of businesses.
  • Mobile application with accounting management.
  • High-quality customer service.
  • One-year guarantee on the purchase of any of its card readers.
  • 30 days money-back guarantee with any device.
  • Device options with and without receipt printer.
  • Offer your customers the possibility to pay by card, Google Pay, Apple Pay and other up-to-date payment methods.
  • Online payments and link payments.
  • Flexible payment: no fixed monthly fees or contractual obligations.
  • Competitive fees, lower than the competition.

myPOS Cons

  • The fixed part on commissions, which can raise the price if you have a business that invoices a high number of lower value transactions.
  • Your application does not include employee profiles or allow you to set up a product catalogue, as other brands do.
  • Virtual POS installation is not free, except with the purchase of myPOS Combo.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about myPOS

How does myPOS customer service work?

The customer service is exceptional. You can contact them via email at or you can give them a call at +44 20 3129 1091.