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Compact and convenient card machine with no monthly fees ideal for small and medium businesses

👍 Card reader without permanence or monthly fees. Several models and prices to choose from depending on your type of business. Perfect for small and medium businesses.

👎 Customer service is not 24 hours. SumUp Air, the most economical, depends on a smartphone to work.

What is SumUp?

SumUp is a compact card reader that allows the processing of payments through its own mobile application. It is an inexpensive POS, ideal for small businesses and freelancers.

TPV Sumup


  • Cheap and easy to use POS.
  • Sign up for only 39£.
  • 1.69% commission for transaction.
  • Online contracting and without permanence.

With a fixed fee of 1.69% per transaction and no dependence on any bank, SumUp is considered a very versatile device, useful for all types of small and medium-sized establishments.

How to use SumUp to charge by card?

Before explaining how SumUp POS works, it should be noted that there are three types of SumUp terminals:

SumUp Air. The cheapest (one-time payment of 39 £ plus VAT). It allows you to perform about 500 transactions on a full battery charge and requires pairing with a smartphone.
SumUp Solo. It is somewhat more expensive (one-time payment of 79 £ plus VAT). It accepts payments as a standalone device and includes a charging station.
SumUp 3G. The most complete card reader (one-time fee of 129 £ plus VAT). It accepts payments as a stand-alone device, includes a charging station and a receipt printer.

SumUp 3G, Solo y Air. Source: SumUp

If you are interested in the SumUp Air POS, you will have to configure the device by downloading the SumUp App on your smartphone. Then, you will have to follow the steps that the app will indicate you for its configuration. It is very easy.

Once the app is configured on your mobile, you can start charging with SumUp:

How to charge with SumUp POS?

Enter the amount directly into the POS. It will be enough for the customer to bring his card reader close to the card reader or his cell phone if he chooses to pay using Google Pay or Apple Pay.

You will only pay a 1.69% commission for each transaction.

Payments made will be sent to the bank account of your choice within 2 to 3 business days. SumUp also offers you the possibility of obtaining a free prepaid card to shorten this period and receive payments in just 1 day, including weekends.

Which SumUp model is better?

SumUp AirSumUp SoloSumUp 3G


39 + VAT

79 +


129 +


Requires smartphone pairing

Printer support


1.69% per transaction

1.69% per transaction

1.69% per transaction

Each device is intended for a different audience. People who are proficient with mobile applications can use both. However, for people who are not used to the technology, the SumUp 3G is better as it works independently.

In addition, if you intend to have the card reader in an establishment, the SumUp air will always depend on a smartphone. So you will either have to be present with your smartphone or have one exclusively for this use.

What are the costs of the POS system?

Card Reader Pricing

In addition, if you intend to have the card reader in an establishment, the SumUp air will always depend on a smartphone. So you will either have to be present with your smartphone or have one exclusively for this use.

Usage fees

SumUp allows users to have very competitive costs. It only charges 1.69% of the turnover with no set minimum.

Therefore, it is a great advantage for startups and small and medium-sized companies. With SumUp you don’t have to pay fixed costs, so you can spend the money on what is really important for your business.

In addition, SumUp is ideal for seasonal businesses, where you work a lot at one time of the year and little or nothing at the other. You won’t have to pay an annual fee and you don’t have to comply with permanence.

You only pay a transaction fee of 1.69%, so you only pay when you use it.

Card compatibility

SumUp allows you to accept payments from anywhere with Visa, V pay, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Apple Pay, Google Play, NFC, Diners Club, Discover and UnionPay.

What are the advantages of SumUp?

Low price. The SumUP POS costs only 39 £ + VAT. Plus shipping is free.

Low commissions. Commission is 1.69% on sales and no fixed monthly cost.

Simple. No need to change your bank account and it is easy and intuitive to use.

Small size. The reduced size of the POS allows for better mobility.

And the disadvantages?

Reduced telephone assistance. Available from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Works with Smartphone. Dependence on a smartphone can become a problem for certain users.

Who is this product really aimed at?

SumUp is the best option especially for freelancers and small businesses. It allows them to avoid the many fixed costs of traditional alternatives.

It is also an ideal tool for people who are geographically mobile, e.g. delivery drivers, conferences, etc.

Technical data of SumUp

Minimalist design. The POS has a minimalist and functional design.

Battery. It has a battery indicator and also an LED that indicates when it is necessary to connect it to the mains. With 100% battery power it can perform up to 500 transactions.

Bluetooth. The POS connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth connection and requires a minimum version of 4.0 or higher.

Standby mode. The device has a standby mode that makes it more energy efficient.

Charging via Micro-USB.

Connectivity. WIFI, 3G and 4G.

Ergonomic keyboard. This allows us to have greater precision and comfort when pressing the different buttons of the POS.

Compatible with all types of external printers.

Is the application user-friendly?

The key feature of the SumUp app is its ease of use. It is available for the two most popular mobile operating systems, Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android.

The functionalities of the SumUp application are as follows:

Inventory register. The application allows the introduction of all the company’s products, as well as their price.

Periodic reports. We can see the status of our sales on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Accounting. The information it provides us with will be of great help in order to arrive at the accounting of the business. In addition, we can also study and analyse whether the evolution of our company is adequate.

Employee profiles. Allows you to register different profiles to know at all times the person or employee who has carried out the transaction.

Automation. A summary of the transaction is automatically sent to the customer’s email address.

Customer service

SumUp communicates with its customers mainly by email and telephone. However, for prior consultation, it also has a help center where you can filter by topic.

SumUp’s telephone support is available from Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm. Regarding e-mail communication, it can take hours or days depending on the volume of messages received by the company.

Our final evaluation about the SUMUP card reader

The SumUp POS is the ideal solution for those who have a small turnover. With no fixed costs and a fixed commission of 1.69% of the turnover, SumUp is a solution to consider for those who are starting out in the business world.

The devices have an excellent quality, as well as a very good application that allows us to have a record of all transactions, including those made in cash. In addition, it shows us periodic reports and is of great help to keep the accounting and know at all times what income we have had.

An element that is quite important is the reduced size of the POS, being ideal for people who move a lot geographically.

For higher billings, there are better alternatives, such as Zettle. This allows us to enjoy variable commissions, so the higher the turnover, the lower the commission per sale.

Frequently asked questions about SumUp Card Reader

Does the SumUp Air have a receipt printer?

The most basic model, the SumUp Air, does not have a receipt printer. You can enter your customer’s email address to receive the receipt by email. If you prefer, you can share the receipt via Whatsapp. Also, you can print the receipts from SumUp through your printer connected to WiFi.

If you need a POS with printer, choose SumUp 3G. It has a removable printer and can be yours for a one-time payment of 129 £, one of the cheapest rates for Card Reader with printer.

What billing volume is SumUp Air for?

SumUp Air is a very good solution for freelancers or companies that invoice up to 1,500 £ per month through Card Reader payments.

Is SumUp a portable Card Reader?

Yes, all SumUp POS terminals are portable and have a battery life of 8 to 12 hours.