Opinions Square POS: accept card or online payments


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TPV Sumup


  • Cheap and easy to use POS.
  • Sign up for only 39£.
  • 1.69% commission for transaction.
  • Online contracting and without permanence.


  • Pay only for each transaction.
  • Receive it for only 29£.
  • Commission of 1.10% + 0.07£.
  • Good customer service

What is Square?

Founded in 2024 in California, Square is a company that provides billing and invoicing tools for physical businesses and online stores. It is a system that integrates a wide variety of features designed to make everyday tasks easier for business owners of all sizes.

Square allows its customers to customize their management system, with tools and applications that can be used individually or in combination. Among the most prominent options are:

  • Three Card Reader or POS models.
  • Three POS software.
  • An online sales platform.
  • Purchase buttons and payment links.
  • Digital invoices.
TPV Square


  • POS without permanence.
  • Registration for only 16£ + VAT.
  • Commission of 1.75% per transaction.
  • Simple, portable and compact.

Advantages and disadvantages of Square

✔Complete and customizable system.
✔Adjusted rates.
✔Free payment application and e-commerce platform.
✔Free online billing service.
✔Varied remote payment options.
✖Support during limited hours.

Square terminal models

Square offers three payment terminal options:

Square ReaderSquare TerminalSquare Stand
Price16£ + VAT149£ + VAT99£ + VAT
Works without a smartphoneXX
Printer compatibility
Transaction fees1,75%1,75%1,75%

Square Reader

Square Reader is a small electronic bank card reader device that also works to receive contactless or mobile payments. This can be linked to existing software or to Square’s POS system, which you can download for free on your iOs or Android smartphone.

Source: Squareup.com

This product stands out with its simplicity, portability and easy setup. In addition, it processes payments quickly and securely, thanks to its encryption system.

Among its main features are:

  • Wireless connection.
  • Long battery life.
  • Compact size.
  • No screen.
Price Transaction fee
16£ + VAT1,75%

Square Terminal

This is an all-in-one face-to-face cash collection system, which includes a terminal, cash register and printer. The device consists of a touch screen and connects via WiFi and Ethernet, but does not connect to 3G or 4G networks.

Source: Squareup.com

Among the device’s most noteworthy specifications are:

  • Large touchscreen display.
  • One-day battery life.
  • Thermal paper printer for 57mm x 35mm receipts.
  • Chip reader (EMV), magnetic stripe and contactless technology (NFC).
PriceTransaction fee
149£ + VAT1,75%

Square Stand

The Square Stand is a device that works adapted to an iPad to facilitate payment through contactless cards. It is equipped with a rotating base, so that the customer can check the total and pay.

Its aim is to bring together in a single device all the card readers that used to occupy the counter of any store. Thanks to its network and Bluetooth connectivity, it can be complemented with other tools such as a barcode reader, a receipt printer, or a cash register.

Source: Squareup.com

Among its specifications we find:

  • Available with iPad of different sizes.
  • Allows payments with chip cards and contactless cards.
  • Works with free Square POS software.
  • It is compatible with Square Reader and Square Terminal.
PriceTransaction fee
99£ + VAT1.75%

Square Virtual POS

Square POS is the software that the company offers for free for the management of your business. It stands out for its intuitive design and easy to configure, in addition, it can be customized with the functions you need according to the nature and size of your business.

The application is available for both Android and iOS and can be connected to existing software. In addition, it is compatible with cash registers, and complies with the Law that regulates them.

Among its most important functions are:

  • It can connect with any of the Square terminals.
  • It allows to create and manage the product catalog.
  • It generates periodic sales reports.
  • It has employee management tools.
  • Accepts payments with physical or virtual cards (with smartphones), checks, Square gift cards, as well as cash.
  • Automatically creates customer profiles.

Square for online stores

Square offers specific solutions for e-commerce with Square Online. It is a tool that allows you to create and manage your online store, as well as a website for your business.

Square Online has a varied catalog of customizable templates for restaurants, retails, events and services businesses, among others.

Once created, your online store will be synchronized with your cash register, so you will have a unique and always updated stock. Also, you will be able to configure pickup, shipping and delivery logistics if required.

Free version: 0£.
Professional Version: 9£+ VAT / month.
Performance Version: 19£ + VAT / month.
Premium version: 54£ + VAT / month.
1.4% + 25p.

Links for remote payment

For online stores, Square offers the “Square Online Payment” function, which allows to send the customer a URL address with an online payment page. This link can also be added as a button on the business’ website or Instagram profile.

These payment links are reusable, they can be sent to multiple people either through a message, an email or a QR code displayed on screen. In addition, they also serve to receive donations, thanks to the fact that they can be configured to allow you to choose the amount.

Virtual terminal

Another payment method available for ecommerce is Square’s virtual terminal, which can also be used in case the physical terminal fails.

This method allows the merchant to type in the card number to make the payment.

Online invoicing with Square

You will also find in Square the ability to create online invoices and digital budgets with a variety of customizable templates.

The software will not only allow you to create and send invoices, but also to track them and send your customers payment reminders.

The main features of this service include:

  • Ability to send an unlimited number of invoices and quotes.
  • Scheduling of recurring invoices.
  • Charges on saved cards.
  • Scheduling of payment reminders.
  • Sending digital receipts.

Square Restaurant

For restaurant owners, Square has designed a specialized version of its cash register software, with which you can manage menus, orders, seating and table plans, as well as integrate home delivery platforms.

Square Appointment

Square also offers an appointment service with which your customers can create appointments, which you can then manage online and send confirmations via text messaging or email.

Square management tools

Other solutions that you will find available in Square’s extensive product catalog are its business management tools, which can be coupled with other products of the company, or be used independently.

Among the Square management solutions, you will find:

  • Square Payroll: Platform aimed at small businesses, designed to facilitate the monitoring of employees. This tool allows you to manage payments, benefits and working hours of employees and collaborators.
  • Square Capital: For premium users, Square offers financing of up to $100,000 through the Square Capital tool.

Other features available in Square

Square complements its service with multiple options that you can combine or use independently. Among these are:

Customer Management

This is a free system for Square customers, and can be set up to automatically create accounts for your customers every time they make purchases online. In addition, you can also create accounts manually for customers in your physical store.

On the other hand, if your cash register uses software other than Square, you can choose to import your customer database.

Some of the functions available in this system are:

  • Classify customers into custom groups.
  • Receive statistics on new and old customers.
  • Receive customer feedback associated with electronic receipts.
  • Issue coupons or refunds.

Square Team

Square Team facilitates employee management by allowing the business owner to perform multiple tasks, such as:

  • Setting custom permissions.
  • Tracking work hours.
  • Weekly schedule adjustments.
  • Real-time online reporting.

Square Reports

The Square report generator makes it easy to get comprehensive reports from your mobile device. Available reports include sales, employees, taxes, cancellations, refunds, rebates, discounts, categories, items, and payment methods.

Steps to register with Square

Companies of all sizes as well as sole proprietors and freelancers can register with Square. To do so, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Login to Square’s website.
  • Create an account with email and password.
  • Fill in the form with personal data.
  • Verify the opening by attaching scanned identity documents.

Conclusion: who do we recommend Square to?

Square is, in short, a fairly complete option that adapts to all types and sizes of businesses. In addition, it stands out for its ease of use and customization capacity, since any of the tools you decide to hire will be ready to use from day one.

As for its physical terminals, they are equipment of optimum quality and easy to use. In addition, the transaction rates are quite competitive and have no fixed costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Square terminals have a built-in printer?

Only the Square Terminal has a built-in thermal printer.

What cards is Square compatible with?

Square terminals are compatible with any card issued in the UK-EU, as well as most international Visa, VPay, American Express, Mastercard and Maestro cards.